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Fine food, good wine trivia test

1. Caviar has this as a definition.

A. Processed salted roe of large fish as sturgeon

B. Loosely translated “Cake of Power”

C. Served like peanuts in turn of century taverns and saloons

D. All of the above

2. Which of these wines is not made from the chardonnay grape?         

A. Pouilly-Fuissé

B. Pouilly-Fumé

C. Pouilly-Vinzelles

3. Which of these wines does not age in wooden barrels? 

A. Beaujolais

B. Red Burgundy

C. Port

D. Hermitage Rouge

4. Zinfandel, long thought to be an American born-grape, is really from Croatia. It often is called other names. Which synonym does not belong?  

A. Black Corinth

B. Black St. Peter

C. Primitivo di Gioia 

D. Zinfenthal

5. If one had a yard of ale, a glass that measures 36 inches, how much beer would that be? 

A. 24 ounces

B. 32 ounces

C. 16 ounces

D. 42 ounces

6. If you ordered frog legs at a restaurant, which leaping amphibian varieties would they most likely be?  

A. Green Frog and Mute Frog

B. Tallyho and Charleston Chew Frog

C. Bull Frog and Leopard Frog

7. Which of these means fried or deep-fried? 

A. Cromesqui

B. Beignet

C. Fritto

D. All the above

8. True or False: In ancient Egypt, the X symbol meant purity. Distillers indicated the number of times the product was distilled, and XXX signified a triple-distilled product.

9. If you were in Spain and invited to a Xampan tasting, which wine would that be?   

A. Sherry wine

B. Priorat red wine

C. Sparkling wine

D. None of the above

10. In the 1803 Lewis and Clark Expedition, what alcoholic beverage was taken with the Corps of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean?

A. Madeira wine

B. Kentucky Moonshine

C. Samuel Adams Beer

D. Grog


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