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Sarley: State bills could mean 'gun grab'

There are many people who are under the impression that the 6.1 percent increase in residents obtaining Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification cards is being spurred by a belief that the state might soon join the others that allow the carrying of concealed firearms by residents who would qualify.

The theory is that concealed-carry would cut crime and allow for people’s personal protection.

I have a different take on the subject.

I think that the upswing in FOID cards is because people are scared that our legislators are preparing for another giant “gun grab.” FOID cards are necessary to purchase and own guns and ammunition in Illinois.

This week, three anti-gun bills emerged from the Illinois House Rules Committee and will move to the House and they can come up for a vote immediately.

House Bill 1294 would ban most semi-automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns, some individual firearm parts, as well as .50 caliber rifles and ammunition.

House Bill 1599 would re-classify a slew of semi-automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns as “assault weapons.”

Remember that many guns used by sportsmen and hunters will fall under this ban.

A “semi-automatic” does not mean a machine gun and the definition of “assault weapon” is usually misunderstood.

House Bill 1855 would create penalties for victim’s gun theft if they fail to report a stolen gun in a completely arbitrary time frame. The victim of the theft would be investigated to make sure that the stolen gun was not sold instead. So, you get robbed or burglarized and the authorities turn you into the suspect?

These three bills that are intended to infringe on our Constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights were, in part, written by legislators from Chicago. I guess they think that all of the criminals and gang members are going to line up at local police stations to turn in their weapons as soon as this bill passes.

Sure. That’s going to cure the problem of violence.

Here is a city that recently celebrated a day in which no murders occurred because it is such a rare occurrence.

I urge you to contact your state Representative today and urge them to oppose HB 1294, HB 1599 and HB 1855. If you don’t know who represents you, here is an easy way to find out – visit

• • •

Did you know that Google and PayPal both refuse any firearms-related transactions? Now Google is also banning the advertising of weapons or related items.

In this modern cyber world, the Internet is a tremendous way for small entrepreneurs to get in the game of commerce.

Now, anyone in a firearms related business isn’t in the game. In fact, they are being kicked out of the stadium.

Hang on, folks. I am not endorsing wholesale sales of guns over the Internet and home delivered to anyone who wants one. It’s the “firearms related” part that I question.

What exactly does that mean? Can it ban gun cleaning products? Can it ban gun safety locks? How about banning hunting books and videos? Can you take this all the way to include camouflage clothing?

• • •

Al Lindner hosts the popular “Lindner’s Angling Edge” fishing show. Al and brother Ron are devout Christians and at the end of every program, Al gives a very short inspirational message.

The following was posted on Facebook by Ron Lindner:

“We received notice from NBC Sports regarding the inspirational message Al presents at the close of each program. The following is a quote from NBC Sports (formerly Versus): ‘Moving forward, NBC Sports Network will no longer allow any non-sports related content, such as religious content in their programs. Any religious references need to be removed entirely. This includes, but not limited to, on show opens or logos, graphics, animations or any references by talent or guests. This change goes into effect immediately.’

“Therefore, we have no choice but to remove this segment from our Angling Edge series. We have made the required adjustments and Angling Edge will air as scheduled.”

This makes me scratch my head in wonder, has the scourge that is known as political correctness entered the fishing world?

What harm does Al’s short message cause? None.

As far as I am concerned the message can only be construed as something that is meant to cause good. I asked Shepherd what is going wrong with today’s society.

He replied, “The answer’s pretty simple. Without vision, the people perish. We don’t have much vision in our leadership today.”

Oh well, “Lindner’s Angling Edge” is available on a number of stations. I know that I, for one, will no longer be watching it on NBC Sports Network.

• Northwest Herald outdoors columnist Steve Sarley’s radio show, “The Outdoors Experience,” airs live at 5 a.m. Sundays on AM-560. He can be contacted at

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