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Not brilliant

To the Editor:

Re. Howard Dean's comment that President Barack Obama's move regarding immigration wasbrilliant.

I would just like to know, Mr Dean, who this brilliant move is going to be good for? Certainly not the American people.

I have a few questions also: First, how did these illegal immigrants get into our school system in the first place, and who paid for them to be there all these years? Also did they have forged birth certificates that they presented, or stolen/bought Social Security numbers?

Obama, who I voted for, alludes to the fact that these fine kids deserve this and it is right. That's his opinion. I strongly disagree with our president!

Congress never OK'd this, so he bypassed them and used the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, to do his bidding. Is that legal or did he find a loophole? And why the rush?

My second question is, if these fine illegal immigrants are serving in the military, how did they get there? Again, forged birth certificates or stolen/bought Social Security numbers? Are those not offenses?

As a voting, taxpaying citizen, I do not think this is right and I strongly disagree with anyone, especially President Obama, who thinks this is a brilliant move (to win votes?) and the right thing to do.

I say deport them all, and especially the parents who brought them here illegally! I am on Social Security and Medicare, and who knows how much longer that will be available to retired or disabled American citizens.

Sandralee Kazak

Wonder Lake


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