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Roundabout chaos

To the Editor:

The idea of considering roundabouts at the intersections of Route 176 and Haligus roads as well as Route 20 and Harmony roads is absurd. Roundabouts are constructed as two-lane, counterclockwise, circles around which traffic travels, entering from one point and exiting to another.

If you intend to make what would normally be a right turn, you enter the roundabout, stay in the righmost lane and exit at your first opportunity. If you wish to take what would normally be a left turn, you would enter the roundabout in the righmost lane, move to the leftmost lane, move counterclockwise around three-fourths of the roundabout, move to the rightmost lane, and exit at the third opportunity. All of this while the other traffic is changing lanes to enter and exit according to their needs.

Roundabouts are typically entered and posted at a speed no greater than 20 mph. Can you imagine how that will work on Routes 176 or 20?

Now let’s throw in an 18-wheeler with a 53-foot trailer. It can’t enter the roundabout staying in the rightmost lane, he must take both lanes to enter, travel through and then exit.

What about emergency vehicles? Can a firetruck manage to get through the roundabout with traffic stopping or trying to stay to the right?

I don’t think roundabouts are as safe as posted intersections.

Reg Kennedy



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