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Money-grabbing camera

To the Editor:

I received two red-light tickets at the Routes 120 and 12 intersection in Lakemoor for not stopping for a full five seconds before turning right on two different occasions, resulting in $200 in total fines.

I thought it was amazing that it took a full two months to receive each individual ticket, and thought for a moment that maybe the village of Lakemoor was hoping that they could catch me many more times until I figured out what was going on at that infamous corner.

I am in my 60s and never get any moving violations. I have a clean driving record because of my caution on the road, but when I got these tickets it caused me to take actions I really didn’t want to take.

First, I paid the tickets on time rather than take a day off work to plead my case that, indeed, I did stop and take caution before I turned onto Route 12 as I do every morning. Second, I have rerouted my driving habits and now am not going to drive in Lakemoor. I used to shop in Lakemoor and spend my hard-earned money there, but no more.

So, unfortunately, the merchants of Lakemoor are the real ones suffering here because I am never again going to spend another dollar there until the city of Lakemoor finds some degree of sanity and removes that money-grabbing red-light camera!

Ronald Cohen



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