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Better quality of life

To the Editor:

As our elected officials try and figure out what to do about the medical cannabis issue, people in our families, neighborhoods and communities are suffering with health problems needlessly.

Most of our nation is in agreement that people who are under a doctor’s care deserve the option without legal interference. This option to use a much safer alternative medicine (medical cannabis) without many of the harmful, sometimes deadly side effects of these other medications we are forced to take if we want any relief.

The raids from Washington continue to be carried out on compassionate states. These states are in compliance within their own state laws. With these dispensaries being shut down by the federal government, sick patients are forced to seek black market medicine in their own state that has approved cannabis as a medicine.

These are our bodies, and as for mine, I would like to be around a few more years. To our elected officials here in Illinois, please stand up for what you know is right so Illinois can be compassionate to its people.

Medical cannabis can help so many. Please educate yourself on this subject. It’s not a hippie thing. For many, it’s a better quality of life.

Bobby Day



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