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Look under your glasses to improve your swing

Many players' swings are limited before they even start. The position of their head often causes them to make a mistake with their swing and makes it difficult to hit consistent golf shots.

When Jack Nicklaus was the greatest player in golf, he noticeably tilted his head to the right. He shifted his head to the right. which moved his chin out of the way and allowed his shoulders to rotate under it.

Many amateurs make the mistake of looking down too much at the golf ball. By looking down, their chin moves down. Their chin is now in a position where it interferes with their shoulders and their backswing.

Golf professional Jim Flick taught me to "look under your glasses." If you wear glasses or sunglasses when you play this should be easy. 

Watch J. demonstrate this drill.

When you step over the ball, look underneath the frame of your glasses. Looking underneath the frame of the glasses forces you to keep your head up and slightly out, away from your chest. If you don't wear glasses, pretend that you are looking over your cheek bone. The effect on the placement of your head will be the same.


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