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Imperial presidency

To the Editor:

The president is subject to checks and balances, co-equal to the other branches. Yet, Barack Obama has granted himself unprecedented power. Congress refuses, he does it anyway.


• Congress refused to pass the Dream Act; Obama passed it himself with an executive order.

• Disagrees with federal law that criminalizes use of medical marijuana, Obama instructs Department of Justice not to prosecute transgressors.

• Disapproves of Defense of Marriage Act, Obama instructs DOJ to stop defending the law in court.

• Dislikes No Child Left Behind Act, Obama instructs Department of Education to issue waivers that are inconsistent with the law.

• Congress fails to pass “cap and trade”; Obama instructs EPA to institute via broad reading of Clean Air Act.

• Congress fails to pass “card check” in eliminating secret balloting in union elections; Obama stacks the NLRB with appointees who push through a “quickie” election law to accomplish much the same.

• Auto bailouts turned contract law on its head; Obama subordinated bondholders’ rights to those of union allies.

• Don’t like state efforts to clean up their voter rolls; Obama gets DOJ to invoke the Voting Rights Act.

• Don’t like Arizona’s plan to check immigration status; Obama gets DOJ to sue the state.

• Changes mandatory work requirement of President Bill Clinton’s welfare law; Obama says personal care activities, exercise and weight-loss promotion will qualify as work.

Obama came to office promising a new kind of politics. He did, his own unilateral governance. What about “We the People of the United States”? Obama don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution!  

Robert Meale



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