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The holy grail

To the Editor:

The holy grail of government is “control” of the people. We should realize we are in control of the power that flows to the government. Somehow over the years, politicians managed to convince us they are in control; they are the source of the power, and we slowly began to believe them.

Over these years, they had limited success. Today, we have city governments tell us where and how big a billboard should be, a county board that wants to give raises to county employees during a recession and uncertain financial times ahead, a governor who tells us the people what kind of firearm we may or may not buy or possess, and a president who mandates we must buy health insurance or pay a tax if we do not choose to do so. How far have we allowed them to bring us and usurp the power we have lent them to use for the general welfare of the people?

Wake up. We are going down the road of centralized government control, which as history shows has always ended up in totalitarianism and disaster, loss of liberty, personal freedom and government re-education programs that the people who did not go along with the all-powerful centralized government had to attend.

If you could not be re-educated, then you were eliminated or, to put it bluntly, killed. Study history, it will show you how it always starts slowly, with the best intentions, and ends up with untold horror.

Richard W. Gorski, M.D.



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