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Why no mention?

To the Editor:

Front-page headlines for Sunday, Aug. 26, in the Orlando Sentinel mention the violence in Chicago over the weekend. As for the Northwest Herald, there is no mention. How come a newspaper that is published roughly 1,000 miles away from Chicago mentions the violence epidemic the city is facing, yet a suburban newspaper from the city in question fails to report it?

Are we so desensitized about the violence that it is no longer news, yet the mild drought that we cannot change still is? Are we all so isolated in this bubble outside Chicago called McHenry County, living our comparatively privileged lives, that we don’t think it’s a big problem?

I honestly think we need to bring the violence to the forefront of issues that need to be addressed, because people don’t need to die thanks to failed policy and the inaction of politicians. The violence may not affect most of you reading this, but many college students from the area do live in the city, as well as those who work there.

Should we expect this level of violence to be the new normal for the next generation? Absolutely not!

The first step in stopping violence is getting the public to know how serious it is. Once it is known, then change can start to happen.

Kyle Walker

Orlando, Fla., Fox River Grove


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