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Obama’s America

To the Editor:

I need to share with you the movie I saw on a recent afternoon at the Regal Showplace in Crystal Lake titled, “2016 Obama’s America,” directed by Dinesh O’Souza.

The movie examines President Barack Obama’s past by interviewing prominent people in his life, including his half brother and other people in Indonesia, Hawaii and Kenya who had connections with him. O’Souza also reviews passages from Obama’s book, “Dreams from my Father,” in finding the path that Obama plans to take America in the next four years. He told us in 2008 that we will have change, but it’s not the change I want to see for our country, and I don’t think it’s the kind of change that many people who voted for him in 2008 expected or are expecting either.

I don’t know how long the movie will be in theaters, but if you can take the time, please go and see it and form your own opinion. Hopefully, it will be available in DVD form soon. We also found a copy of the book at Sam’s Club, which means it will be available in bookstores as well.

Bob Popp

Crystal Lake


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