Play the odds when you're in a tough spot on the course

The worst thing you can do after a bad shot is hit another one.

Say you hit a bad drive into the trees. When you're in the rough, hitting it over the trees with a high-lofted club onto the green may seem like a good way to make up for a bad shot. You may even have the ability to do this shot every once in a while.

But can you do it consistently? Probably not.

It's OK to take a lower-lofted club and punch it beneath the limbs of the trees. Get it in the fairway and you probably have less than 100 yards to the green, and a chance for par.

I tell my students you can go to the casino, play roulette and bet 00. You may win, but your chances are low.

A safe shot underneath the tree limbs is more likely to find the fairway and give you a better third shot. A shot over the trees is more likely to land in the trees again than it is to land on the green.

Play the odds. You'll play better golf and shoot better scores.

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