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Avoid distractions

To the Editor:

As we go full swing into election season, it would be wise to be alert to various tactics used by a party to induce some uncommitted voters to their side.

They will invoke fear, usually of someone who is not like them, such as gays or immigrants. Or they want you to fear someone who is fighting for a benefit such as health insurance, which most of the antis already have.

They are angry at those who utilize various social safety nets, such as welfare (food and shelter), unemployment insurance, Medicare and Social Security.

Or they will defend the right of the richest to amass even more wealth at the expense of the working poor and middle class – greed. This has been brought to light last year with the media.

These three sins – fear, anger and greed – are overriding themes behind the bullet points on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Michael Savage. But other conservatives embrace the sins to empower their party’s agenda to get their guys elected. They seem to be more interested in party ideology and obstructionism than getting the country back on track.

They also use them to avoid having meaningful discourse about the economy, jobs or our position in the world. It allows them to focus the attention on fringe issues such as same sex marriage or abortion.

If we are to avoid another four years of gridlock, it is best to identify these distractions and focus on the folks who are out to solve our nation’s problems.

Mark Spath

Burtons Bridge


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