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Customer service

To the Editor:

Whatever happened to customer service? At nearly nine months’ pregnant, I am unable to fly in an airplane, so I opted for rail travel over the holiday.

Thinking the train crew would assist me with my bag (since I’m obviously very pregnant), I proceeded with my trip. When the train arrived, and the conductor got off, I asked him if he could lift my bag onto the train for me. He said, “We’re not allowed to lift bags for passengers ma’am. It’s railway policy.”

What sort of ridiculous, anti-customer service policy is that? So the conductors just stood there and watched me (with my giant, round belly) struggle to pull my bag onto the train. Amtrak at least humored me by telling me that the train crew would help me with my bags, but then there was nobody to help me when the time came.

But perhaps it’s just Chicago that has become this way. When I arrived in St Louis, the crew was happy to grab my bag and lift it off the train for me.

When I returned home, St. Louis even allowed my husband to go beyond the “ticketed passenger only” area and carry my bags onto the train for me.

Now that’s extraordinary customer service! Chicago’s railway employees need to take notes. Metra needs to start thinking about actually having customer service.

Joy Hernandez

Crystal Lake


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