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Job creation nonsense

To the Editor:

Is Mitt Romney a nice businessman who is a Christian? Yes.

What I was hoping for Romney to profess was, “You know, with the $42 million I personally made last year, I created jobs.” Personally is key, if he created jobs for his company and other organizations, that is nice.

I wanted the promise that George Bush gave us 10 years ago and it hasn’t been delivered yet. I don’t believe it will be. That is, don’t tax the wealthy because with that money, they will create jobs. I say nonsense to that.

I wanted Romney to tell us that he created all these new businesses and hired many people. Yes, to make money, but because as a patriot he wanted to create jobs. He didn’t, but he did say, “If you elect me, I will then create jobs.” Kind of blackmail; why not create them now?

Instead, he shelters his money offshore. Nineteen percent of $42 million is $7,980,000. Imagine if every multi-millionaire from their own pockets created jobs. They have not and they will not. It is their money, fine, but don’t lie about creating jobs.

Obama has not delivered on many promises. He had the courage to be a leader setting standards and goals beyond our immediate reach, goals that we should continue toward. It is the right thing to do. That is all I ask of our leaders.

Richard Rill

Crystal Lake


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