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Defending the president

To the Editor:

Mr. George Gow, the price of gasoline (oil) is not determined by the president (It’s Your Write, Sept. 1). 

Thankfully, he stopped the Keystone pipeline from moving filthy oil sands across the U.S. It had a great chance of a disaster. 

And this oil belongs to Canada. Oil produced in the U.S. does not stay in the U.S. The jobs that might have been created could be filled by the Jobs Act (proposed over a year ago) that would create work on infrastructure and alternative energy.

The president has a great working relationship with Israel. The U.S. is now respected by many more countries than a decade ago.

The president has tried to pass laws and regulation to protect citizens from unfair foreclosures and dishonest bankers.

Not all ventures are successful (who’s even heard of Solyndra). Think the auto industry and in the near future higher mileage standards.

When our founding fathers constructed the Constitution, the Second Amendment was for citizen protection with a one-shot weapon, not an automatic that can kill or maim dozens in seconds.  President Obama has never done anything to take your Second Amendment rights away.

Catholic women use contraception at almost the same rate as non-Catholics.

Read all of Leviticus and find out what else we are not supposed to do, such as eating shellfish or wearing wool and linen together. We would all be sinners.

Mr. Gow, we are the Democratic Party. 

Helen Wiederkehr



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