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For middle class

To the Editor:

Why would people who make under $300,000 vote for Mitt Romney? They must believe one of the following:

1. The deficit is pushing us toward catastrophe and Romney/Ryan can fix it. But a quick check of the Ryan budget by any nonpartisan source shows that, bottom line, in eight years the debt will be worse than if we do nothing. Tax cuts for the wealthy and new military spending will overwhelm the cuts to entitlements.

2. Good businessmen make good presidents. History proves different. Consider Harding, Hoover and George W. Bush. The Constitution enumerates purposes of government and none concerns making a profit for self or stockholder. Running a business where you can fire your brother if it helps the bottom line crosses over poorly to providing for the common good. If you want another depression and general mess, put a good businessman in the White House.

3. Business prospers under the GOP. A quick check proves that false.

The stock market did better under Bill Clinton than the previous 12 years, under Obama than Bush, FDR than Hoover, Johnson than Eisenhower.

There are no reasonable reasons for voting against the interests of the middle class if you are in it. Please think.

Bob Lambert

Lake in the Hills


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