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Many problems

To the Editor:

I do not profess to be a political expert like many of your readers. I just sit, read and look around once in a while.

I see God being attacked everywhere; no mention of God publicly by government. I see a president who has his czars in place, running the government and making the rules for us all to follow, even if it violates our religious beliefs. Shutting down oil exploration, making regulations for business that will put many more out of work and force small businesses out. A Congress that is bypassed by the president with more rules and requirements, and they do nothing because you cannot get anything passed Harry Reid as head of Senate.

Total deadlock. The House has voted for a balanced budget and it died in the Senate. History should tell what is going on. If this government we have now is re-elected, we will be done as the U.S. We are on the way to communism and socialism. Our media does not report as it should.

I will sit back now and watch the letters fly. My wife told me never to write a letter to the editor. She passed away 10 years ago, and I kept out of the newspaper all these years. I felt this was necessary.

Jim Keefe



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