Responsible government

To the Editor:

Jack Franks and his supporters are trying to make a big deal out of the fact that County Board Chairman Ken Koehler owns land in Ridgefield. Those who know Ken know that he has owned that property since before he was on the County Board.

The word “hypocrite” comes to mind, since a review of the McHenry County land map shows that it is the Franks family that owns a disproportionate amount of land in this county. Check it out through a public records search; you’ll find what I did.

Ken Koehler owns a few acres of undeveloped land. The Franks family owns a great deal of undeveloped land. Where is the outrage against the Franks family? Rep. Franks, just give us the same responsible government in Springfield that we have here in McHenry County.

I like having a county led by a County Board and a board chairman, like Koehler, that has a balanced budget and a Aaa rating.

Darrell Little

Crystal Lake