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Useless parties

To The Editor:

Examining the historical record of the 1930s, it is stunning how many truly extreme political groups became rather popular as the economies of Europe began to crash. The most prominent was the Nazi Party in 1928 that won a meager 2.6 percent of the vote and went on to take 40 percent of the vote in 1932. Germany was hardly alone. Most of Europe, including France, Austria and Romania, had seen the rise of previously marginalized groups. The axiom is: As economies slump, “fringe groups” become “mainstreamers.”

Since the financial crisis of 2008 began, 11 European countries have seen their governments fall, and the Arab countries of the Middle East are in full-fledged meltdown. The Muslim Brotherhood is coming to power in many places such as Egypt and Libya.

So what’s my point? The same is true in the U.S. John Kennedy couldn’t even be a Democrat today. The far left has taken control of the Democratic Party. They believe in collectivism, egalitarianism, socialism and even communism. They despise the achievers and scream for “fairness” at every turn.

The older Republican establishment is also useless. The only group whom I can identify with these days is the tea party. It at least stands for lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a curtailment of government spending, which, by the way, has yielded nothing in the way of jobs. Not one economic indicator has improved in the last three years, and Government Motors has not been saved.

Rick Justen

Wonder Lake


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