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Financial debacle

To the Editor:

Why is the media making such a big deal out of what Mitt Romney said. He said he’s not worried about the 47 percent population because they already have made up their minds on whom they are voting for. But, of course, the media makes it out as though he isn’t worried about that 47 percent. The sad part is that almost half of this country is on some kind of government handout, and they will be voting for Obama thinking they are going to continue with more handouts.

More strict controls need to be in place for Link cards and free government phones, breakfast and lunch meals. How is this monitored? People are not encouraged to find work when they receive all of these handouts. Why are people abusing the system and keeping these freebies after they have found work? Where is the accountability here? The problem is when this country goes broke and we head further into a depression, who is going to print their money then?

I agree with Jim O’Keefe’s letter, “Many problems” (Sept. 19). We are on our way to communism and a socialist society if our current government is re-elected. Fool me once, shame on me, and fool me twice, here comes a dictatorship.

Obama wants us to go bankrupt and have a society where everyone receives handouts. I know that Romney has the ability to turn this financial debacle around.

Kathy Gascho

Crystal Lake


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