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Calling all irate taxpayers ...

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To paraphrase the United States Marine Corps, I'm looking for a few good and mad property taxpayers.

As I blogged yesterday, I'm working on a series of stories exploring how the increasing load of local and state taxes is affecting the quality of life in McHenry County. While I already have a few sources at hand, I look at sources like I look at beer – more is always better than less.

I'm looking to talk with you if you ...

• Did nothing to your home or property yet had a double-digit increase on the property taxes you just finished paying this year.

• Are contemplating moving – or outright walking from your home – because your tax burden is too high.

• Have gone to your local governments and spoken for your 3 minutes to ask them to stop the spending and had your pleas fall on deaf ears.

• Own your home free and clear, but are being forced to move because of the tax burden.

The only thing I can offer you is immortality of a sort if I use your comments or your story.

So if you want to talk, email me at the address at the bottom of this blog post, or call me at 1-815-526-4618 and kick them nasty thoughts.

(For the record, one of the reasons I have so many journalism awards is because I can seamlessly invoke the Marines and Sir Mix-A-Lot in the same post.)

Upcoming Assessment Appeal Deadlines

If you live in Richmond, Alden, Seneca or Greenwood townships, your deadline has passed to appeal your property assessment for taxes due in 2013. Here's a list of all posted deadlines by township for challenging assessments.

Call your township assessor or visit this website to learn how to appeal.

• Hartland Township residents have until the end of the day Friday.

• Nunda Township residents have until Oct. 9.

• Dorr Township residents have until Oct. 12.

• McHenry Township residents have until Oct. 15.

• Residents of Burton and Dunham townships have until Oct. 19.

• Chemung Township residents have until Oct. 24.

Senior Writer Kevin Craver can be reached at kcraver@shawmedia.com.


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