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Dirty little secret

To the Editor:

Most funding for the tea party (and Americans for Prosperity) comes from the Koch brothers, extremely wealthy oil tycoons. The only people whose taxes they are concerned with are theirs.

The Ryan budget is supposed to decrease the budget deficit, though as it stands significantly increases it. They claim they will offset deficit increases by closing loopholes, but they won’t tell you what loopholes they are talking about, so I will.

The only loopholes big enough to offset their huge deficit increases are the home mortgage deduction, the standard deduction, and the Social Security partial exclusion.

They want to decrease the taxes of the Kochs and themselves, and have the middle class and working poor pay for it.

This is what you are supporting when you support the tea party. It’s a dirty little secret that they’ll never admit to and which most tea party members don’t want. Many of you worry about progressives taking some of your taxes to support the poor, etc. But would you really rather the tea party Republicans increase your taxes to give it to the rich (Robin Hood in reverse)?

Don’t like progressives? Support Libertarians, but the tea party Republicans are worse.

Donna Macnider Lambert

Lake in the Hills


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