Protecting the least

To the Editor:

My brother is one of those citizens in Mitt Romney’s 47 percent who doesn’t pay income taxes. He receives Medicare/Medicaid. He’s on the dole.

Did I mention that he has cerebral palsy? He can’t read because he has vision problems. His speech is basically unintelligible. His left hand is shriveled and useless. He walks with a gait, uses a cane, and spends most of his time in a wheelchair.

It’s wonderful that my brother lives in a country that doesn’t force its handicapped to fend for themselves. Romney’s attitude toward the poor is an affront to all that is great in this country, and his desire to be president solely to the affluent is an affront to the Lord, who wants all mankind to shield and protect “the least” of His brethren.

Jude and Ray LaFrancis