Bait and switch referendum

To the Editor:

The referendum concerning the structure of county government is a classic bait and switch and should be rejected.

When petitions to place the referendum on the ballot were circulated, many signers were told that this referendum would allow the popular election of the McHenry County Board chairman. What was not disclosed was that, if passed, the referendum would gut the structure of county government and concentrate gubernatorial-like powers in one person.

This county executive is a politician who would replace the professional county administrator and would have the power to hire and fire county employees, veto actions of the County Board, and reject the County Board budget.

Residents of the county effectively will be turning over their representation to one person. The county executive form of government is so dysfunctional, that only one county in Illinois has adopted it.

Let’s not be the second. Vote “no.”

Aaron Shepley

Crystal Lake, mayor