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New blogger advocates for land, nature

As far back as I can remember, I have been an advocate – someone who speaks on behalf of others. Maybe it was growing up with an attorney for a father, but arguing the merits – or lack thereof – of various causes was just part of who I was. Whether it was convincing my parents to let a group of us kids take the “L” to the Cubs game without an adult, or rationalizing the adoption of yet another stray cat, I always seemed to have some cause.

Once grown and on my own, I found that the need to advocate was especially strong when the “cause” had no voice of its own. Trees. Frogs. Butterflies. THE LAND. That is where the concept for this blog comes from – offering a voice for all things natural and helping others to hear what they have to teach us.

Since moving to McHenry County 11 years ago, I have tried to use my voice to speak for the natural resources that make this place so beautiful and that help give us all such a high quality of life. When development was going full blast, I was one of those “usual suspects” at zoning board hearings, City Council meetings, highway department meetings and the like.

For the record, I am not “anti” development, but I am against poorly planned and cookie-cutter development. I think McHenry County deserves much better. I am in favor of development that considers the nature and character of the land first. After all, the character of this place – the rural, small town feel and undeveloped landscapes – are what led many of us to move here. As I’m not shy about saying: if you want to live in a place like DuPage County, then move there.

Through this blog, I aspire to bring issues of a global, national and regional nature back to McHenry County. To help answer the question, “So what?” To help more folks see that we are part of something bigger, and that there are reasons for us folks in McHenry County to care.

I look forward to speaking with you in the blogosphere!

– Lisa Haderlein, Executive Director of The Land Conservancy of McHenry County


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