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Obama’s agenda

To the Editor:

Americans don’t know what President Barack Obama plans to do if given another term. That’s only because Obama doesn’t want you to know, but will it be “lawlessness?” The true radical nature of Obama’s background and the agenda for a second term is evident when Obama told the Russians, “This is my last election, and after my election I have more flexibility.”

What is Obama’s agenda? If re-elected, will four more years aggressively expand government powers to include:

• Higher taxes, including a value-added tax on the middle class for new transfer payments for the poor?

• Higher capital gains tax rate?

• A “speculation tax” on Wall Street covering all investment transactions?

• Reinstated estate tax?

• Carbon tax on utilities?

• Minimum living wage?

• Universal 401(k) for the poor?

• A single-payer health care system?

• Suing towns to force public-housing integration of the suburbs?

• Nationalized  education system, including federal control of curriculum and federalized standards?

• Bolstering the Community Reinvestment Act?

• Socializing the private credit-scoring system used by banks, insurers and employers?

• Socializing lending to small businesses?

• Decriminalization of marijuana?

• Amnesty for illegal immigrants?

• Unilateral cuts in the U.S. nuclear arsenal?

• Packing the Supreme Court with leftists?

With his centrist-sounding speeches, Obama put politics above ideological ambition and incumbency above candor. But does Obama have a radical agenda to accomplish?

Think Obamacare is a hazard to your body? Forward to Obamacare II for your mind and Obamacare III for your conscience and soul. 

Forward is “a pig in a poke,” meaning to buy something you cannot see.

Robert Meale



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