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Learning how to make a divot

Every week it seems I find a student who is confused about how to make a divot. They either don't make too many divots, or the divots they do make comes behind the ball.

They don't know that the divot should come after you make contact with the ball; it should be in front of the ball.

We've talked about this before, a good iron shot is hit with a descending blow. The club is descending, hits the back of the ball, then hits the ground and makes a divot.

To picture this, place two tees -- one on each side of the ball. Then, make your swing. The divot should be on the target side of the tees.

You can practice this, even without a ball. Place the tees in the ground or paint a line in the ground, then make your swing. Even without the ball, practice making a divot on the target side.


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