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Save nation

To the Editor:

If you’re planning on voting for President Barack Obama, please stop and consider the following: Of all the candidates who have been elected president, Obama is among the least experienced in government or the military. He touts the fact that he is responsible for Osama bin Laden’s death. How do you think radical Muslims worldwide look at that? He claims he saved the auto industry and one million jobs. Well in his own words “You didn’t build that...”, we did, the citizens of the U.S. We bailed the auto industry out, and we’ll be paying for that for a long time.

He complains about Romney saying that 47 percent of Americans view themselves as victims. What about the 78 million Catholics in the U.S. who are his victims? Obama cannot craft policy without government regulation, therefore, the U.S. government as we know it is being hijacked and turned into a socialistic state sure to take more of our paychecks. 

We are Americans. We are not ruled by the government; we rule the government. Save your nation, vote against Obama on Nov. 6.

Kirk Donald



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