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Make up own mind

To the Editor:

Re: Jude and Ray LaFrancis’ letter (Oct. 1). Let me begin by saying how sorry I am for their brother’s illness. I will keep him in my prayers.

But to suggest that Mitt Romney is in favor of  removing government-provided safety nets from those truly in need is not true. I should say it’s the parroting of one of the Obama campaign’s long litany of misinformation. What’s wrong with eliminating the bloat and managing government programs in a fiscally responsible manner? As our government spending goes unchecked and we speed toward the cliff, why castigate the voices of reason who suggest workable solutions?

Reckless spending and borrowing is not only leading us to the brink of disaster, but how much longer can we  blindly support politicians who play on our emotions to justify their failing policies? Remember grandma being thrown over the cliff? Was that an intelligent response to a reasonable solution for the Medicare mess?

I’m a senior citizen, and I think Paul Ryan’s plan is a good beginning for a long-term solution to Medicare. You see, I don’t want my grandchildren thrown off the cliff, either.

To all those whose opinions are secondhand, do some investigating on your own. Listen to what the candidates actually say, not what’s being reported by folks with an agenda. Take a good, hard look at our country’s financial status; at our foreign policies; watch the debates. Then make up your own mind.

Elaine Rizleris



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