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Better selves

To the Editor:

This coming presidential election, I am looking for a leader to emerge. I am not looking for blame for yesterday. Politics is often a game of attack the characters, which annoys me more than anything but at times it also gets me to ask, “why bother?”

It already was predicted these campaigns would be nasty. But in these difficult times, America needs a leader, not a politician.

As an independent, I have voted Democrat and Republican because both sides have at times given us leaders. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan are examples.

But this election, I am not looking for a party member or a special interest guy. I am looking for a leader who looks out for America; who strives for peace in the world but stands firm with truth and defends freedom when it is attacked; to challenge Americans to live up to the ideals for which America was founded.

I look for a leader who rises to the challenges of our problems and not pass the buck. I want an end to the attacking of characters by both sides and let reason and understanding come together.

Let courage, not popularity, rise in doing what’s right and not add to the burdens of our day.

A wise man once said that if humanity makes it into the future, it’s because our better selves have triumphed. I hope our better selves emerge as I know they can.

Bob DeLacy Jr.



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