Special interests

To the Editor:

Several months ago, the Northwest Herald published an article about special interest pledges. The article explained how and why incumbents and candidates enter into agreements with these special interest groups in order to get their support and, above all, money to fund their campaigns – groups such as Planned Parenthood, the National Rifle Association, PETA, NAACP and many others.

Obviously, these groups are the real “employers” of these potential office holders – groups to which they owe their actual allegiance and whose interests they will promote regardless of their campaign promises to work for their constituents. Otherwise, next time around, no money.

It would be of great help, in deciding for whom to vote, if the Northwest Herald would run a follow-up article, or series of articles, listing each incumbent and candidate in our voting area and to which groups they have pledged their loyalty.

Mark A. Wruck

Crystal Lake

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