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Vote them out

To the Editor:

During the past 25 years, no presidential election has been won by more than 10 million votes, yet every federal election during that same period at least 100 million people of voting age did not bother to vote.

Currently, 545 people in Washington, D.C., are responsible for most every problem America faces. These people are the president, nine Supreme Court justices, 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives. These people control 313 million of us. We should have the power to change what is going on.

Basically these people lie to us every time their lips move. What have we got the past four years? Highest debt in our history, a failed stimulus package, weaker military, more entitlement programs, no transparency and a wonderful Obamacare program to tax us to death. All both sides have done is bicker back and forth on all issues and run for their next term. A nation of fools is surely doomed.

President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign promise was to cut the deficit in half and reduce unemployment to 8 percent or less or he would not seek a second term. Where’s his resignation?

It’s time to take action and vote all of them out of office. Please vote.

Andy Franzen



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