Wasting taxpayer money

To the Editor:

There are two ways to waste taxpayers’ money. The first is to pay too much. For example, paying $715 a square foot for a library addition when commercial space is available for about $100 a square foot. The Crystal Lake City Council seems to have come to understand this definition of waste. For this I salute them.

The second way to waste taxpayer money is to buy something taxpayers don’t need in the first place. Even if you get a great price, it’s still a waste. For example, moving the library to a different location without being able to identify one single, tangible benefit to patrons that is worth increasing their property taxes by millions of dollars.

Even if you get a great price on a different building, any money spent is wasted. The City Council doesn’t seem to have learned this definition yet.

But if they don’t learn this second definition of waste, taxpayers should remember that at election time.

Stephen Willson



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