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GOP game plan

To the Editor:

This year’s presidential election is more acrimonious than it should be. From the very start of the Barack Obama presidency, the Republican Party stated that its biggest goal was to defeat Obama in this election. Isn’t that just great! That kind of attitude may work fine on the sports field, but how in the world could it result in elected officials working together to find solutions to the domestic and world issues confronting us all. This is how I see the Republican game plan for “winning.”

First, hide George W. Bush. Maybe in four years, the American public will forget that in his eight-year presidency everything went to hell in a handbasket. Next, turn the leadership of the party over to the extreme right, where the majority of us would be hard-pressed to find a moderate viewpoint on anything from women’s reproductive rights to the role of the federal government. Then, with the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, make sure that efforts to overhaul our broken health care system are condemned before given a chance.

Defeating Obama at all costs is a lousy party goal. Bush had eight years to screw things up. For what it’s worth, I think we need to give Obama equal time and a cooperative effort to work out a different and, hopefully, better solution. Having jobs, homes, health care and opportunity are too serious to be playing with a winner/loser game plan.

Nancy J. Fike



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