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Racket Club starts recycling tennis balls

CRYSTAL LAKE – Did you know that tennis balls are NOT biodegradable?

That means that of the 300 million or so that are manufactured yearly, 380,000 pounds of them could end up in landfills. 

The Racket Club Maintenance Supervisor John Cwiklik has found solutions.

First, local animal shelters and schools are always in need of used balls and accept them from the club with great delight. 

Next, there are companies now that re-pressurize balls and redistribute them to those who may not have the means to use brand new balls, helping to grow the sport among those previously without access to the necessary equipment.

The Racket Club, a Crystal Lake Park District facility, at 9101 S. Route 31 in Algonquin has ball recycling stations in the form of large bins resembling Penn tennis ball cans in the court hallways and foyer. 

Instead of throwing used balls in the garbage, visit The Racket Club and throw them in these containers so that someday and somewhere, a sweet doggie, school student, or new player may benefit.


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