Not all whole grain foods are created equal

My last entry talked about why whole grains tend to be a healthier option – you get more nutritional bang for your buck. However, not all whole grain foods are created equal.

Marketing has led us to believe that the same old sugary cereal we’ve tried to avoid buying for our kids is actually now good for us because it contains whole grains. So how do we know if a food is truly whole grain and whether or not it is good for us?

One resource is the Whole Grains Council stamp. This stamp can help us identify those foods with 100% whole grains. If you eat three servings of 100% whole grain foods daily, you will get the nutrition benefits from those whole grains.

The Whole Grains Council website has a ton of great info on whole grains, recipes, info about using the stamp, and a list of food products that have the stamp on it.

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