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Join the circus

To the Editor:

I watched the vice presidential debate and it caused me great concern. I was further concerned with the media coverage after the debate.

ABC had a headline, “Laughing Joe stole center stage.” Most good “clowns” will steal center stage in any side show. This administration has become a “side show” with the president and his wife appearing on talk shows, and now the vice president laughing during what should be a serious debate. We have the mayor of Chicago interfering with another state’s business and reminding them that he was the former chief of staff in the Obama administration. It is no wonder the U.S. is not being taken seriously.

We are living in serious times, and it takes serious people to lead us. People are losing their homes, not funny; people are unemployed, not funny; the threat of war is all around us, not funny; our senior citizens are worried about their Medicare and Social Security benefits, not funny; small businesses are closing across the country, not funny; we have doctors leaving medicine and hospitals closing, not funny; we have servicemen and women coming home who are unable to find jobs and have no other choice but to re-enlist, while others are homeless and unable to receive proper medical care. Is this what VP Biden calls “care for our service people?”

Maybe it’s time for this administration to quit the job and go to Hollywood to join the circus, where their antics would be more appreciated. We aren’t laughing.

Constance Donner



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