Horse industry concerns

To the Editor:

As a resident of McHenry County for many years, I have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with both Tina Hill and Mary McCann on many projects.

Of particular interest to me was their concern and responsiveness on the matter of the Unified Development Ordinance in respect to the horse industry. Both women have demonstrated active commitment to ensure that this ordinance contains nothing to harm this important and historical county presence.

Additionally, I feel that their willingness and availability to discuss items for incorporation into the new zoning ordinance shows genuine regard for the voices of the equestrian community and true leadership toward seeking reasonable solutions. 

For this reason, and for Hill’s ongoing demonstration of leadership in planning and development, and McCann’s ongoing demonstration of leadership on issues of environmental and natural resources, I urge voters to vote for each of them in their respective districts.

John W. Cederlund