Personal wealth

To the Editor:

Much has been said in the media about Mitt Romney’s wealth. However, personal wealth was not an election issue with John Kerry or in the past with the Kennedys. All are from Massachusetts. However, in Romney’s case, he did not inherit his wealth, he worked for it. He also donated to charity all of his inheritance from his father, and donated $4 million of his own money to charity last year.

Joe Biden, another politician from that state, donated close to nothing to charity. What I see separates Romney from the rest is that they will happily spend your, and others’, money, but not theirs.

And talk about government spending, there has been a big flap over Big Bird. The company that owns the merchandising rights to it made more than $20 million last year. Let them help subsidize public TV. The government should get out of that business. I remain a proud independent and disagree with some Republican positions. But on that issue, I have to agree with Romney.

Robert Davis