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Cooking up a better short game

I've talked a lot about creating mental images that will help improve your golf game. I have another one that will help you picture the correct way to hit short shots around the green.

All you need is a spatula, a wrist band and a golf club.

Start by putting the wrist band on about halfway up your forearm. Next, slide the spatula underneath the wrist band so that it bends away from the back of your hand.

Now, grab the golf club and when you address the ball, angle your wrists so that your hand rests up against the spatula.

Once your set-up, make a couple of swings or chip a few golf balls. Focus on keeping your hand up against the spatula during the backswing, as well as the follow through. This stabilizes the wedge face through impact.

A lot of players flip their wrists at contact, rotating the toe of the club. You want to keep the toe of the club stable because this will cause the ball to go straighter.

If you rotate the club wearing the spatula, the back of your hand will move away from the spatula.

The idea of wearing a spatula while you practice short game shots is one of the best mental images or drills that I've come across. You get instant feedback when you make a mistake, rotating the toe at impact.

So next time you're planning on practicing your short game, remember to bring a spatula.


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