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Different world views

To the Editor:

In my 40-plus years of voting, I have never seen such hatred, divisiveness, underhanded manipulation of facts and voting rights in our two-party system. Is it because President Barack Obama is of a different color? Is it the economy? Is it the need for politicians to just maintain their careers in Washington and not care about what Americans really want?

Then I realized that Democrats and Republicans have two different world views. Many Democrats believe in a positive and giving world; one filled with connection, equality, peace and prosperity.

Many Republicans, on the other hand, have a hostile world view. They live in fear that they will lose their wealth; that the poor are too entitled, folks of different color or religion will move next door.

They want the “good old days” when men ruled the roost, women bore the children and maintained the household in subservient choice. Those fantasies and dreams have calmed their fears and anxieties of a changing world. Wake up! Our world ain’t so bad.

Frank Dombrowski

Crystal Lake


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