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Talking points

To The Editor:

Your endorsement of Mitt Romney (Oct. 21) has all the markings of the talking points from his campaign and is fraught with absence of facts about him. He still refuses to release his income tax returns, is not inclusive of women and their rights, has a seriously flawed budget plan, and believes (incorrectly – see G.W. Bush) that a top-down approach will add millions of jobs.

Company owners do not hire more workers strictly because corporate tax rates are lower, but because our economy is primarily supply-and-demand driven. Demand creates jobs. We now see larger profits, but they go into owners’ pockets, not in hiring. Revoke the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and the budget will be balanced.

His accomplishments as governor include a near-last place in job growth, a stat that you also ignored in your endorsement. Romney himself admits his successes were a result of each party in Massachusetts working together, not as the polar opposites we now see in Washington.

President Barack Obama has been dealing with a near-depression and a do-nothing Congress whose Republican Senate leader said his number one task was to unseat the president. The president’s policies have saved GM and Chrysler, ended the war in Iraq, and decimated al-Qaida leaders, including killing Osama bin Laden. Obamacare will work if given a fair shake and allowed to run its course.

Editorials aside, be wise about your choice.

Robert Zattau



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