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To the Editor:

Upon reading a political postcard from Democratic County Board candidate Mary Margaret Maule against County Board Republican John Hammerand, I knew I had to speak out in his defense. 

I know Hammerand personally. This is not the man Maule portrays him to be. He is not “out of touch” and “taking the taxpayers for a ride,” as she alleges. If that were the case, then she must take issue with the whole County Board. The salaries and benefits they receive are all the same.

My question is, why did she target only Hammerand to run against. He is a pretty mild-mannered gentleman. Does she not like that he fights for vulnerable taxpayers, even though his stand is not always popular with some members of the County Board. He consistently supports what he feels is right for his constituency and does so with courage.

Hammerand has my vote.

Joyce Story



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