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Unfettered powers

To the Editor:

McHenry County has a czar. It’s called the County Board chairman. Presently, the County Board chairman has unfettered powers to do as he pleases without any checks and balances. He has complete control over a compliant board that serves as a rubber stamp to ever-increasing property tax hikes, even when home values fall and the county has record surpluses.

Under a county executive form of government, the executive’s power would be curtailed because his/her actions would need the consent of the board. Real checks and balances would be in place. For example, the county executive could not appoint members to boards, commissions, special districts, or hire and fire administrative staff unless the County Board agrees.

The County Executive would be directly accountable to the voters as the voters would directly elect the leader.

Many states and counties have the county executive form of government.

It is not a new or radical idea. Please vote “yes” on the county executive.

Sharon Gustafson



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