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Abortion issue

To the Editor:

Abortion is a hot issue, and is should be. It doesn’t matter whether your Independent, Democrat, Republican or Green, or what the shade of your skin is, or what nationality you are. Abortion is the killing of an unborn child.

Modern science shows actual pictures of the child with arms and legs and a head and the whole unborn child growing and developing inside the mother. There’s no question or doubt that it’s an unborn child. And do most people realize what partial birth abortion is? Just before the yet unborn child leaves the mother’s body, a sharp needle is inserted into the brain of the child and the child is killed.

It really doesn’t matter whether one believes in a God. It matters whether one believes that it’s all right to kill an unborn child. And many of our elected representatives not only vote in favor of abortion, but they demand that our taxpayer money is available to any woman who wants an abortion.

Unfortunately, if you voted in favor of the Democratic presidential ticket, you voted for the killing of unborn children. We must use other methods to control our population growth. If there is a hell, and we don’t change our beliefs on abortion, it may turn out to be more than just a hot topic.

Jim Palisin



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