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GOP’s social agenda

To the Editor:

The recent election results have resulted in the expected finger-pointing, blame and consternation among GOP leaders, trying to figure out how their presidential candidate could have lost to an incumbent with a questionable record on the economy during his first term.

I have heard many thoughtful analyses, but many that simply blame short-sighted voters beholden to government hand-outs (Romney’s 47 percent). This cynical response, so out of touch with reality and facts, typifies the current thinking within much of the GOP.

I have a suggestion to Republicans on how to become relevant to a majority of voters – focus on the widely supported goals of smaller government and fiscal responsibility and dump the far-right social agenda! I’m afraid that a party that insists on catering to the anti-immigrant, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, anti-gun regulation, all-government-assistance-is-bad crowd is going to continue to alienate increasingly large slices of America’s increasingly young, urban and minority populations.

Face the fact that undocumented immigrants who have worked in this country for many years, paying taxes (yes, they do) are not all going away; gay marriage is gaining wider acceptance; Roe vs. Wade is not going to be overturned; reasonable regulations on assault weapons make common sense; and government can serve as a force for good.

Insistence on holding candidates to a social agenda purity test offended and alienated many otherwise conservative voters and is why the GOP lost the election, pure and simple.

David Brooks

Fox River Grove


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