Key witness in murder trial charged with battery

WOODSTOCK – The man who testified that he delivered what may have been the fatal blow to a Johnsburg teen in 2002 has been charged with battery for an unrelated incident.

Shane Lamb, 28, is facing two misdemeanor counts for the more recent occurrence on Nov. 4. According to the criminal complaint, he punched two men repeatedly in the face and head.

Lamb, whose current address is in Chicago, is on parole following a six-year sentence on a drug case.

Earlier this year under an immunity agreement, Lamb testified at the murder trial for Mario Casciaro. The trial ended with a hung jury.

Lamb said Casciaro told him to “talk” to 17-year-old Brian Carrick about a $500 drug debt.

Lamb said he confronted Carrick in the cooler at the back of the store where they worked and hit Carrick, who “went down.”

Lamb said Casciaro told him to leave after the confrontation, and that he doesn’t know what happened after that.

Carrick’s body has never been found.

According to Casciaro's family, Lamb approached Casciaro earlier this summer while at a bar and admitted to lying on the stand.

Lamb's next scheduled court date is Nov. 19. Casciaro's is Nov. 28; he also is scheduled to go to trial Jan. 28.

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