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We are evolving

To the Editor:

In George Will’s column printed Nov. 8 in the Northwest Herald, several mistakes were made regarding the 2012 election and President Barack Obama. I wish Will would write another column to amend this one.

First, Obama is not the most liberal president since Lyndon Johnson. His Obamacarefavors the insurance companies far more than it does the people.

Second, Obama did not conduct the “most relentlessly negative campaign ever run by an incumbent,” as Will wrote. Obama’s campaign was gracious, dignified, intelligent and smart. I often wrote him asking why he did not get angry with the lies that Mitt Romney and the Republican conservatives kept saying about him.

I actually was shocked that your newspaper allowed Will’s column to be printed with such fallacies and distortions. His reputation must afford him the protection of your careful fact-check editors.

Third, this election was not fought over the scope and actual competence of government.  By what would he have government replaced? Corporations? There is no Bill of Rights in a corporation, but perhaps Will and his family are immune to this reality. This election was fought over the right of people to have justice in their lives, in their homes, and in their communities. But half of our population did not get this.

If you look at the states that Romney won, you will have to agree that these states are less educated and more prejudiced than the states that Obama won. We are evolving. Please, Mr. Will, join us.

Donna Davis



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