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Further dependence

To the Editor:

In a recent letter, Mr. Frank Dombrowski lamented the “never seen ... hatred and divisiveness” in the election process. Then he proceeds to spread some more of it himself.

Democrats want a “giving world, equality, peace and prosperity.” Result? A reduction in pay, wealth and household income. But the regime is running out of other people’s money to redistribute, promoting further dependence.    

Republicans want a “hostile world,” where they can hold on to their wealth, only by hurting the poor and those of different color, who might move in next door.

I’d say, “Wake up, you are living in a world that is your own creation.” But I don’t. I fear, it would be useless.   

People yearn for a return to sensible and well-proven economic policies. They want a president who defends, not blames, America for the ills of the world, while apologizing for our supposed arrogance. Instead, he should remind divisive partisans that much American blood was shed in fighting for freedom of people in faraway lands. We asked only a plot of land to bury our dead, as in Normandy and Guadalcanal.

People are not distressed for the president’s “different color.” They are suffering because of his Marxist policies that maintain high unemployment. Entrepreneurs are frozen in place, not hiring, because of the uncertainty created by his suffocating regulations that are imposed by his many unelected czars. 

They’re unable to create private sector jobs, for they do not know what new regulatory boom will descend upon them if this regime continues.

Miklos Magyar

Crystal Lake


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